The Cleaning Conundrum

Cleaning a house that is busting at the seams with boys (even the dog is male) is a challenge that I have struggled with for the last 5 years.  The more people you add to a household, the more junk to collect dust, create clutter, and just make a mess in general! The bigger the dog gets, the more hair he emits.  The bigger the boys get, the dirtier they get! I’ve often felt that I don’t know where to start, and once I start, I can’t keep up.  Short of throwing my hands in the air and surrendering to the mess, something had to give.  I had to come up with an organized solution to help me stay on track and feel a little less plagued by the chaos that is my lovely home.  For me, this is a once a week solution…one that requires that a sitter come and occupy my boys for a couple of hours while I buckle down and get dirty.  During the week, I just try to keep up on things the best I can, stay positive about what I’ve accomplished, and not get bogged down in the details of what I have yet to complete.  If I’ve completed a task that is on my chart, I can check it off when my cleaning day comes or just do it again! My choice…easy, simple,  ORGANIZED (yay!)


1 book binder ring

Cardstock-1 for each room in your home (I used 4.5×6.5 cardstock matstack found at Joanne’s)


Self Adhesive Laminating Sheets (I used Avery 9×12, there are 10 in the pack)


Dry Erase Marker

Step 1:

Take some time to walk around your house and make a list of all the things that you need to do in each room to consider it CLEAN.  Here’s an example of my master bedroom list…

Step 2:

Once you’ve gone through all the rooms in the house, type them out on a word document for the size cards that you have.  I had to change the size to a custom setting and print my cards out through the back feeder one by one.   There were only 11, so it wasn’t so bad.

Step 3:

Once that is done, take a piece of self adhesive laminating sheets and peel off the backing.  It is best to try to do this on a clean workspace.  You should be able to lay two cards on the sticky side of the sheet and then take a second piece of laminate and place it on top sandwiching the card in between the two sheets.  It doesn’t matter if the two laminating sheets match up perfectly as you will cut the cards out in  step 4 anyway.

Step 4:

The next step is to carefully cut your cards out of the laminating sheets and punch a uniform hole in each one.  Slip your book binder ring into the hole and THERE YOU GO! EASY PEASY!

Keep your cards and your marker attached to your cleaning caddy or bucket so they are always handy when your cleaning day comes.  Check off the tasks as you get them done.

So there it is!  Turn up the radio and rock out with your mop out!

Hello and welcome!

“You can do that.”

If I only had a dime for every time my mother and I have said that to each other…. Well, I’d have a LOT of dimes! Mom and I spent much of my pre-mommy years wandering around craft fairs and the quaint small town shops dotting Northern California’s tiny tourist villages. When we came across something we felt was worthy of our attention we would often gleefully declare, “YOU can do THAT!” in a hushed whisper. However, once back at home, Mom was always significantly more likely to actually try out an idea than I was. A crafty pioneer!
“Martha” earned her knick-name because (like the real Martha) she could take any project on and arrive at success….eventually anyway. I didn’t get interested in earnest until I had matured enough to have the patience for all the screw ups that happen while trying to make stuff….needless to say, over time, the seam ripper and I have become close friends.
Mom has been gone nearly two years now and it was after she passed I took to handcrafting things with zeal. Mostly to keep my hands busy while my heart mended. I had heard work was good for grief and took that to an extreme. I’m hooked. I can’t seem to be able to get enough of trying out new techniques and learning all I can. Always a new project on the horizon.
Kelly and I wanted to have a place for all of those who are less then confident about taking on a handcrafted project. We are here to show you our triumphs and failures and to hopefully, sometimes show you the way to triumph yourself. With all that said I want to invite you to see my creations at or be inspired to create your own from the fabrics in
So sit back, relax and laugh along with us (or at us).

Jodi Walter Jones

Crzy Bag Lady Designs

Sew Fine Fabric

And so it begins…

Growing up, we didn’t have much, but I didn’t know it.  My mom had a extraordinary gift for making something out of nothing, which made our lack of material things transparent to me.  One of my fondest memories as a child was the year she made my Halloween costume from an old brown silk fitted bed sheet.  I was a California Raisin…please tell me you remember the commercials?  Take a look if you need a laugh  No, it’s not my costume, but it will give you an idea of what I’m talking about!  I won several awards that year for the most creative costume.  I was the best darn raisin this side of  the Mississippi!

I was never very crafty or creative until I became a mom myself.   I quickly realized that the items in the stores were all the same;  poorly constructed, cheaply made, or just not EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I began taking things apart merely to determine how they were made.   It didn’t take long for me to realize that there wasn’t much that couldn’t be made from the comforts of my crafting studio.

Soon, it became the running joke between myself and family/friends that no matter what it was, “Kelly could probably make that” .  The saying applies to all facets of my life…food, crafts, wood crafting (just kidding, I don’t do wood crafting, but would LOVE to learn!).

So with some encouragement from Jodi and some capital from the hubby, KelsCozyCorner was established.  As you can see, pillows are my passion, but I’m hoping to get some other things on the site soon.  I love all things crafty, but as a stay at home mom of  3 little boys who are at my feet every step of the way, finding time to be creative is at a premium.  That’s where this blog comes in.  I’m hoping if I document all of the ideas and thoughts that swim aimlessly through my head, maybe then I’d make the time to create them.  We’ll see how it goes!

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